Gerbil on The Wheel

Gerbil on The Wheel

Writing Myco Portal’s first blog post is a whole new experience for me! Still, I am excited about starting a forum that explores small business options for managing employees, improving efficiency and increasing the bottom line.

This blog is intended to engage your mind and to learn your ideas. We want your feedback on specific needs that you see each day in your workplace.

Have you ever felt like a helpless gerbil on the wheel, because there is always someone or some issue consuming your time? You are running hard and fast and not getting anywhere.

Do you need help with automating your employee personnel records? So everyone has the same information as you do and can retrieve it without asking you?

  • Do you need help setting up a vacation policy, sick policy, personal time off policy or a PTO policy? We find that creating the policies is the easy part. Establishing the systems to keep up with each employee’s use of the policies is another matter. Our automated system for tracking employee’s time off is quickly becoming one of our client’s favorite features
  • Do you need an employee handbook, policy manual or procedure manual? We’ve got one!
  • Do you need help with performance evaluations, specifically with deciding what evaluation tools to use for measuring job performance? We’ve got that, too!
  • How about keeping track of Delegated tasks? When you assign a task to an employee how do you monitor your employee’s progress?
  • Would you benefit from creating approval processes that are quick and paperless, yet well documented and easily accessible?
  • Do you need to decrease the amount of paper you use in your business?
  • Can you image having just one master file for your entire business? Do you realize how powerful it would be to have all of the information you need right at your fingertips?
  • How much liability exposure could you reduce, not even considering time and money with electronic signatures?
  • When was the last time you were asked for a piece of information and could not locate it? How are your audit trails?

Myco Portal’s primary goal is to make managing people easy by providing simple solutions to these everyday problems. You can start today by clicking here. This process is easy to learn, decreases human error and cuts your costs of doing business. We all recognize that cutting costs generates a corresponding increase in revenue. A good thing!


What are some specific needs that you see each day in your workplace?

Can tell me the one thing in your business that eats up the most of your time? I know for me, it is people asking how much time off they have.

Please share your thoughts and leave a comment.


President and CEO at Myco Portal
Marc Martin, Founder and CEO of Myco Portal, started as a small business owner in the residential construction industry. He started with one employee, himself, and peaked at 40 employees. Essentially he went from building homes and communities to managing people and managing projects. He began intensive study into how to better manage, educate and motivate his staff. Life with its twists and turns is full of surprises and more importantly opportunities. Marc realized the struggles he was experiencing were not uncommon. Other companies were encountering similar challenges in managing and motivating their employees. This realization resulted in his founding Myco Portal and its internet based people management software. Our success will be based on our ability to listen to and provide the tools our customers need to work smarter, faster and better maximize their resources by helping improve efficiency and cut operational costs.


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